Society Medal

STS Medal Criteria

An annual medal awarded to a senior clinician or healthcare professional (not in training) who has made a significant contribution to both the society and respiratory medicine in Scotland.

Recipients of the medal will have demonstrated some, but not necessarily all of:

  • Leadership within a specialist area
  • National/International engagement
  • Leadership in medical educa  tion
  • Research excellence

Nominations will be sought from the membership and council, self-nominations will not be accepted.  The decision will be made by council by means of consensus opinion.  In the case of a ‘tie’ the president of the society will have casting vote. 

A physical medal will be presented at the annual meeting by the president of the society.

Do you know someone you would like to nominate? Please send your nomination (max 200 words) to

We would like your nomination for the 2020 medal no later than Sunday 3 May 2019.