This RCPE Symposium will provide much needed balance and advice on prescribing and therapeutics in common conditions of old age. It will explore the state of the art in medical optimisation, non-drug therapies and common therapeutic challenges in the care of older people.

The Scottish Society of Physicians welcome all to attend their 60th Annual Meeting on 1-2 Nov 2018 at the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. Highlights of the event include Pleural disease and  Strategies to promote weight loss. 

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Leading experts will review recent advances across the spectrum of pulmonary medicine.  Lectures include Pulmonary Imaging, Asthma, COPD, ILD, Thoracic Surgery & Lung Transplantation

The treatment of Tuberculosis is increasingly becoming a challenge worldwide. All around the world experts in the field are involved in intensive research to be able to cope with the various concerns with regard to treatment.

The 3rd Clinical Update Sleep will guide the delegates through the latest developments of sleep medicine, and review the eveidence for the diagnosis and treatment of patients with sleep disorders, including obstructive sleep apnoea, hypersomnia, parasomnia and insomnia, as well as circadian rhythm disorders.

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The STS Annual Meeting will take place on Wednesday 20th June 2018 at the Technology and Innovation Centre, Glasgow